Column: Is The UPLB Admin Apathetic? (Spoiler: YES)


With the UPLB administration staying silent in spite of everything going on in the country lately, one has to wonder, is the school’s administration apathetic and ignorant?

Last November 18, 2016, the country had mixed emotions as the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos was clandestinely buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. Both Pro- and Anti-Marcos groups rallied to the LNMB to either show support or disgust of these events.

Hundreds of students from different universities including UP Diliman and Manila, Ateneo de Manila, and Miriam College, among others, flocked together to condemn the burial of the late strongman.

Other schools who couldn’t join rallies still participated in discussions online, releasing statements condemning the act.

But in Los Banos, it seemed the UPLB administration was too busy thinking of what food to serve for their upcoming event on November 22.

One student who was at the Main Library was trying his best to finish his thesis, but the sudden announcement of Marcos’ Burial at LNMB got the student shookt.


This Sablay-desperate student, even though deadlines were just looming around the corner, decided to upstairs to the Office of the Chancellor to ask Chancy Sanchez if the UPLB Admin was to release any sort of statement regarding the matter at hand.

To the student’s surprise, Sanchez replied: “Wag mo kaming gambalain. May event pa ang UPLB sa 22. Yung Lakbayan nga na-isang tabi namin eh, libing pa ba ni Marcos?”

Per the student, Sanchez added: “You know, those socially relevant issues are bad for our image as a University. Paano natin tuluyang magagawang privatized ang UP kung manghihimasok tayo sa mga societal issues na yan? Our sponsors and investors do not want a politically aware University!”

Participants of the Lakbayan, including minority groups, were housed in UP Diliman and were given support. But prior to getting there, they also made a stop in UPLB. Unfortunately, they didn’t get the same treatment, prioritizing the Loyalty Day event.

Ha. Priorities.

The UPLB administration was also silent when students suffered from the SAIS’ enrollment.

So, is the UPLB admin apathetic? The only answer could be yes. – [P!]


Exclusive: Carandang Fails Lie Detector Test On e-UP, SAIS Comments

Photo from Facebook – SAKBAYAN

(UPLB Peerspective Exclusive) – UPLB University Registrar Myrna Carandang failed a lie detector test when asked about her comments on the e-UP and SAIS, a highly-placed source has told the UPLB Peerspective.

According to the source, Carandang was asked by the person facilitating the test in typical Mocha Uson fashion, “gaanong katotoo ba (mga ka-DDS) na maayos ang e-UP at SAIS?”

Carandang said the same thing she said in the controversial e-UP video and the lie detector suddenly malfunctioned halfway through Carandang’s pronunciations.

“It’s very good, it’s very easy, it’s faster–and because they can already get their Form 5 once they pay. Hindi naman daw sila nagsasalita because there’s nothing to talk about – because they were very satisfied,” Carandang said in a video released by e-UP media.

The lie detector, obviously bamboozled by the lies which came out of Carandang’s mouth, then exploded into pieces before even Carandang could finish what she was saying.

Students also had something else to say about Dr. Carandang’s statements regarding e-UP and UP SAIS.

“Bes, mmmm. Wag kami,” one student said. “With the myriad of problems that arose from the implementation of e-UP and UP SAIS such as the un-user friendly interface, the inaccessibility to students who are not using the UPLB WIFI, the sudden loss of slots, and the hassle of scheduling when you will login (na hindi rin nasusunod kasi, ugh, walang maka-login bes), the students united and called for the junking of e-UP and SAIS.”

UPLB students have already staged protests earlier this year to oppose e-UP and SAIS, even boycotting classes. One protest even resulted to a glass door at the UPLB Main Library breaking, and surprisingly, some loyalists even had more compassion for the glass door.

“Buti pa pintuan naaawa sila. Went overboard pang nalalaman. Pano naman yung future ng mga estudyante na nag-suffer sa bulok na e-UP at SAIS na yan?,” the student furthered.

As of posting time, student organizations were all uniting to fight this sorry excuse for an online enlistment system, releasing hundreds of statements and publicity materials online with hashtags such as #JunkSAIS, #JunkeUP, #JailPAEP, #SystemOneMoreChance, and more.

With both the lie detector and UPLB students not agreeing with Carandang, it is safe to say to that SAIS (and e-UP in general) sucks, and that Carandang’s comments are indeed lies. – [P!]

Student Finds Nine Pairs of Fake Cojones Inside UPLB USC Office

images (3)

A student who requested anonymity discovered a staggering nine pairs of cojones inside the UPLB University “Student Council” Office at the “Student Union” Building Tuesday night.

“Binoto ko itong mga lider-estudyante na ito! Peke pala mga bayag! Jusmiyomarimar!” the student claimed.

Unbeknownst to the UPLB USC, the student was able to enter the USC Office, because someone forgot to lock it.

“Mag-sorry sila kay Tita Racquel,” the student added.

Inside, the student claims to have found a very tiny box. Out of curiosity, the student opened it and found a nine pairs of fake balls each labelled with a letter. The letters are as follows: R, L, T, R, S, D, A, C, I.

The discovery comes just a day after the USC decided through a General Assembly (though they did not fucking consult students anyway) that it will apologize for the disturbance caused by the November 13, 2015 walkout, post an apology at the Humanities and Physical Sciences Buildings, and attend a Leadership Training Seminar.

While disagreeing with the first two because “it is stupid”, the student agrees with the third point.

“Not sure about the first two but hell yeah, they should attend a leadership thing. Wala na silang bayag, wala pa silang leadership!”

The National Union of Students in the Philippines (NUSP) on Wednesday released a statement regarding the decision of the UPLB USC, posting it on Facebook quoting: “Walang mali sa paglaban. May mali kaya lumaban.”

Part of the statement read:

“However, divisiveness in the ranks of student leaders has been exposed as the UPLB University Student Council (UPLB USC) decided with a 9-7 vote to write a public apology regarding the walkout incidence as to submit to the demands of the complainants. This action of UPLB USC is unacceptable and unfathomable. This kind of compromise divides the unified force of the student body. Student councils are called to be vanguards of students’ rights and welfare. Releasing an apology for the students’ unity and collective action against commercialized education is an act of disenfranchisement to every Iskolar ng Bayan who is persistently fighting for the youth’s right to education. In this time of extreme crisis, it is no doubt that to be radical is necessary.

The National Union of Students of the Philippines (NUSP) vehemently condemns the latest repression of the UPLB administration to students who led and joined the walkout protest against the P2.2 billion budget cut. The Union slams the explicit repression of student leaders and of students who fought back against commercialization of education. We believe that this is a concerted effort with the Aquino administration to pacify the voices of the unheard and of those who are ready to fight against the system. In a larger context, such reaction to student movement is a result of the Yellow administration persistently demonizing the youth committed in exposing and opposing the current system of impunity and inequality.

Moreover, we are challenging the UPLB University Student Council to retract its decision of accepting the conditions set to appease the complainants. You are not serving the genuine interests of the students by compromising the most significant principle of any student council: to stand with students’ rights and welfare and to actually be with them in their struggles, at all cause, by all means. Let the Union remind you that it is your mandate to protect and serve the interests of the UPLB student body, not to be a mouthpiece of the administration.

The student movement will never be pacified. We will continue fighting for our democratic rights and for a just system.”

Ironically, the UPLB USC decision came months after it campaigned to “fight for our rights” through the UP system-wide walkouts.

“Natural selection of cojones, I guess,” the student concluded.



UPLB Student, Hirap Mag-Thesis Matapos Maputukan sa Bisperas ng Bagong Taon


Lubos ang pagsisisi ng isang graduating UPLB student matapos maputukan ang kanang kamay Huwebes ng gabi, bisperas ng bagong taon.

Nagkakatuwaan lamang ang mag-aaral ng Biology na si Darwin, hindi niya totoong pangalan, kasama ang kaniyang mga kaibigan nang mangyari ang hindi inaasahang aksidente.

Bitbit-bitbit ni Darwin ang paputok na triangle nang subukang i-prank ang kaibigan. Ani Darwin, sinindihan niya ang lighter malapit sa paputok upang takutin ang kasama, ngunit hindi alam ni Darwin na nasindihan na pala niya ng tuluyan ang dalang paputok.

Duguan si Darwin nang isugod sa malapit na ospital. Malala ang natamong sugat ng mag-aaral, at dahil nagthe-thesis ito, sinasabi niyang mas mahihirapan siyang kumilos.

“Ang dami ko pa pong dapat i-sulat ngunit dahil nga dito, masakit, hindi ko maigalaw. Mahihirapan ako mag-type sa computer or maski humawak ng mouse,” ani Darwin.

Bukod kay Darwin, lima pang kaso ng firecracker-related injuries ang naitala sa bayan ng Los Banos base sa pinakahuling balita.

Witnesses: Bubong Na Ginamit Sa UPLB Graduation, Gawa Sa 3D Printer

Photos from Facebook – Mary Grace Leidia/Kino Sangueza

Kamangha-mangha ang pagtatayo ng University of the Philippines Los Banos administration ng istrukturang masisilungan ng mga magsisipagtapos isang gabi na lamang bago ang graduation ng Class of 2015.

Ngunit kagimbal-gimbal rin ang eksena matapos bumigay ang nasabing bubong ilang oras na lamang ang natitira bago magmartsa ang mga graduates.

Ayon sa ilang saksi na nasa pangyayari habang ginagawa ang mismong masisilungan, gawa lamang sa 3D Printer ang nasabing istruktura.

Ang materyal na ginagamit sa mga 3D Printer ay isang uri ng plastic filament na halos pareho lamang sa ginagamit sa lego ngunit hindi gaanong impresibo ang tatag kumpara sa aircraft aluminum o steel.

Gumamit sila ng mga 3D Printer at pinagkabit-kabit lang ang mga piyesa na pinagmukhang bakal,” ani ng isang nakasaksi sa “behind-the-scenes” ng pagtatayo ng bubong. Dagdag pa niya, tinapalan lang ng silver coating ang mga pundasyon ng bubong upang magmukhang bakal ang hitsura.

“Sobrang gaang po ng plastic na ginagamit sa 3D Printer. At dahil mas mabigat ang tarpaulin na materyal ng bubong, it was only a matter of time before gumuho siya dahil may gravity. Hehe.”

Sa buong daigdig, sumisikat na ang 3D Printer at mainam itong gamitin para sa mga maliliit na bagay o konsepto na gustong bigyang buhay ng mga tao.

Pero para maging bubong sa Commencement Exercises ng libong Iskolar? Hmmm not so good.

“Para po yang mga kaibigan na plastik. Hindi nagtatagal,” dagdag pa ng isang testigo. – [P!]

Dalawa, sugatan matapos ang prerog sa HUM 2. Alamin kung bakit


Sugatan ang dalawang estudyante ng UPLB na ninais lamang sanang makakuha ng slot sa subject na HUM 2.

Naging mahirap ang prosesong dinanas ng mga mag-aaral na gustong makakuha ng GE course; daig pa ng pila sa loob ng Department of Humanities sa CAS Annex 1 ang pila sa concert ng One Direction.

Marami ang hindi tinatanggap sa pila pa lamang na iyon, ngunit medyo mapalad ang dalawang estudyante – isang Batch 2012 BS Development Communication at isang Batch 2011 BA Sociology – dahil pinapasok sila sa sumunod na session ng klase.

Ang kaso nga lang, unang hakbang pa lang pala iyon. Pinag cartwheel ang mga estudyante sa klase upang pormal nang tanggapin.

Maski hindi marunong, dala ng kagustuhang makapag enlist ng subject, pinilit mag cartwheel ng BSDC student ngunit naging mali ang pagbagsak niya.

Na-injure naman ang Sociology student nang tulungan niya ang BSDC student.

Ayon sa doktor ng University Health Service, nasa maayos na kundisyon na ang dalawang iskolar.

“The (BSDC) student suffered a minor sprain sa kaniyang right ankle. She should be able to walk in about two weeks,” sabi ng doktor. “The (Sociology) student meanwhile just twisted her elbow. We will try to get it back to its proper position without requiring surgery.”

Lubos ang pagsisisi ng guro sa nangyaring trahedya; tinanggap niya ang dalawang estudyante at nangakong sasagutin ang mga gastusin ng mga ito. [P!]

#ProvenSad? ChickenJoy is Back, But Popular LB Street Food May Run Out of Supply in the Future



For Los Banos residents, there’s something worse than #ChickenSad: #ProvenSad.

This is definitely bad news for LBzens who really love the town’s famous street food.

If you happen to be enjoying the taste of proven, better savor the moment while it lasts because the street food may soon disappear form the face of the earth.

A recent study by the UPLB College of Veterinary Medicine quoting the North Carolina State University states that a new type of chicken is slowly making its way to the country.

Sounds fine, right? But there is just one problem with this: the new chicken breed has no proventriculus – the key ingredient to making proven!


“These birds do not have proventriculus since their bodies have learned how to digest food in a different manner,” said Dr. Sharman Hoppes, an Avian Medicine expert who earned her PhD degree at the Oklahoma State University and residency at the North Carolina State University.

“Unlike common chickens which food companies dress for their products, this breed is different.”

Truly #ProvenSad! [P!]