Exclusive: Carandang Fails Lie Detector Test On e-UP, SAIS Comments

Photo from Facebook – SAKBAYAN

(UPLB Peerspective Exclusive) – UPLB University Registrar Myrna Carandang failed a lie detector test when asked about her comments on the e-UP and SAIS, a highly-placed source has told the UPLB Peerspective.

According to the source, Carandang was asked by the person facilitating the test in typical Mocha Uson fashion, “gaanong katotoo ba (mga ka-DDS) na maayos ang e-UP at SAIS?”

Carandang said the same thing she said in the controversial e-UP video and the lie detector suddenly malfunctioned halfway through Carandang’s pronunciations.

“It’s very good, it’s very easy, it’s faster–and because they can already get their Form 5 once they pay. Hindi naman daw sila nagsasalita because there’s nothing to talk about – because they were very satisfied,” Carandang said in a video released by e-UP media.

The lie detector, obviously bamboozled by the lies which came out of Carandang’s mouth, then exploded into pieces before even Carandang could finish what she was saying.

Students also had something else to say about Dr. Carandang’s statements regarding e-UP and UP SAIS.

“Bes, mmmm. Wag kami,” one student said. “With the myriad of problems that arose from the implementation of e-UP and UP SAIS such as the un-user friendly interface, the inaccessibility to students who are not using the UPLB WIFI, the sudden loss of slots, and the hassle of scheduling when you will login (na hindi rin nasusunod kasi, ugh, walang maka-login bes), the students united and called for the junking of e-UP and SAIS.”

UPLB students have already staged protests earlier this year to oppose e-UP and SAIS, even boycotting classes. One protest even resulted to a glass door at the UPLB Main Library breaking, and surprisingly, some loyalists even had more compassion for the glass door.

“Buti pa pintuan naaawa sila. Went overboard pang nalalaman. Pano naman yung future ng mga estudyante na nag-suffer sa bulok na e-UP at SAIS na yan?,” the student furthered.

As of posting time, student organizations were all uniting to fight this sorry excuse for an online enlistment system, releasing hundreds of statements and publicity materials online with hashtags such as #JunkSAIS, #JunkeUP, #JailPAEP, #SystemOneMoreChance, and more.

With both the lie detector and UPLB students not agreeing with Carandang, it is safe to say to that SAIS (and e-UP in general) sucks, and that Carandang’s comments are indeed lies. – [P!]