Column: Is The UPLB Admin Apathetic? (Spoiler: YES)


With the UPLB administration staying silent in spite of everything going on in the country lately, one has to wonder, is the school’s administration apathetic and ignorant?

Last November 18, 2016, the country had mixed emotions as the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos was clandestinely buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. Both Pro- and Anti-Marcos groups rallied to the LNMB to either show support or disgust of these events.

Hundreds of students from different universities including UP Diliman and Manila, Ateneo de Manila, and Miriam College, among others, flocked together to condemn the burial of the late strongman.

Other schools who couldn’t join rallies still participated in discussions online, releasing statements condemning the act.

But in Los Banos, it seemed the UPLB administration was too busy thinking of what food to serve for their upcoming event on November 22.

One student who was at the Main Library was trying his best to finish his thesis, but the sudden announcement of Marcos’ Burial at LNMB got the student shookt.


This Sablay-desperate student, even though deadlines were just looming around the corner, decided to upstairs to the Office of the Chancellor to ask Chancy Sanchez if the UPLB Admin was to release any sort of statement regarding the matter at hand.

To the student’s surprise, Sanchez replied: “Wag mo kaming gambalain. May event pa ang UPLB sa 22. Yung Lakbayan nga na-isang tabi namin eh, libing pa ba ni Marcos?”

Per the student, Sanchez added: “You know, those socially relevant issues are bad for our image as a University. Paano natin tuluyang magagawang privatized ang UP kung manghihimasok tayo sa mga societal issues na yan? Our sponsors and investors do not want a politically aware University!”

Participants of the Lakbayan, including minority groups, were housed in UP Diliman and were given support. But prior to getting there, they also made a stop in UPLB. Unfortunately, they didn’t get the same treatment, prioritizing the Loyalty Day event.

Ha. Priorities.

The UPLB administration was also silent when students suffered from the SAIS’ enrollment.

So, is the UPLB admin apathetic? The only answer could be yes. – [P!]