UP Official Eyes Exemption From Excessive Absences Rule For Activists

Photo from bahaynakpil.org

A highly-placed University of the Philippines official (not named Gerardo Lanuza, get over it) is examining the possibility of seeking excuses for activists when it comes to the rule on excessive absences, saying they are there to champion the rights of the masses.

“They are giving us exemplary service beyond the confines of the classroom so why would we limit this by marking them absent? It is just absurd,” the official who request anonymity said.

The rule on excessive absences allows students normally up to 6 absences for 3.0 unit-subjects with 1-1.5 hour-recit classes and up to 9 for 3.0+ unit-subjects accompanied by 3-hour lab classes.

“Activism in the first place brought us to where we are. From the Diliman commune to the various junk TOFI rallies to anti dorm fee increase movements to activities supporting the student-athletes, activists have always shown the initiative to help us. To put things in perspective, without them, your per unit tuition is already around 2,500 pesos,” the official added, stating the UP Strategic Plan of 2008.

The said plan eyed to reverse the tuition allocation ratio from 20-80 (20% shouldered by student, 80% shouldered by government) to 80-20 by 2008, but through the efforts of the activists, the reversal is constantly being slowed down.

The official also went after those condemning activism, saying they do not do justice at all.

“These guys have reasons why they leave the confines of the clsssroom for a while. Those against it are in fact those who have done nothing to advance the rights of people – the very purpose of entering the university. Without activists, this school will still be called American University of the Philippines.”

“Let us go away with the dogmas. Activism was never bad. It has always been the catalyst of development. Let us remember what the Oblation represents: sacrifice.”

In 2014, the university also looked at adding a Repeater’s Clause to the existing rule on absences. – [P!]


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